Situation: Say that you have been in a very passionate relationship, maybe a spouse, maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend, for an extended amount of time. Then, unexpectedly, this person is involved in a serious automobile accident and is put into a coma. He or she could die any minute.

Andy Dittrich
You are stuck in some very uncomfortable situations. This person gives you a home, a place to be safe, comfortable and secure. You have lost all of it, and you foresee no possible way to ever regain what you had before. So you search, for a home, for love, for support, for comfort, for security. You make decisions that you think will end up being the best for you, and you go with it, since it seems like the only possible option that could make you happy. So you go to Southwind. Capital Sound snare drummer Neil Reitenbach and I left from Champaign, Ill., at 6 p.m. on Friday night, a little late due to some school commitments. Four of us total made the trek. We drove the 320 miles, much longer than I had ever driven for a drum corps rehearsal, and arrived in the early morning. Add an hour for time zone change. Camp was great! Rob Elston, a past guest columnist on "Project," also arrived at camp, and has plans on being in the front ensemble. Neil and I did real well in the snare room. They invited 12 people back, so I guess we'll just have to see what happens from here. I guess that all we, as members of an inactive drum corps can hope for, is the opportunity to find a new home. I think we've actually been given that chance. May our sound always be heard.