Brittni Stewart submitted this photo and caption.

Here is a photo of the 2008 Freedom High School visual and music staff. When each of us began teaching this past fall, we had no idea just how well the group would get along together. Needless to say, working with four other people to decide what is the "right" style to teach the students was not always easy. But, we ended up sharing moments that I wouldn't trade for anything. The five of us came from different corps, but we all ended up at the same high school in Orlando. Go figure. It IS a small world.

At the time this photo was taken, the staff was at Cici's Pizza for one of our Tuesday and Thursday night rituals after band rehearsal. Yep, what better way to spend the off-season than to go stuff your face with pizza? Go team.

From the left: Ryan Sirmeyer (Magic of Orlando '04, Cavaliers '05,'06,'08), Justin Atkinson (Carolina Crown '07), Brittni Stewart (Bluecoats '07,'08), Erick Guzman (Teal Sound '06-'08), and Mitchell Beckman (Boston Crusaders '08). Thanks for a great season guys!