"My name is John Hawley and this was my first year marching color guard for the cavaliers. This pic was taken during our free day on the beach in Santa Barbara with a bunch of guardies from the Cavaliers, Madison Scouts and the Blue Devils. A lot of the color guards got really close during the Tour of Champions and it was nice to have met people from other corps without having to worry about who just beat who.

"Top row: Danniell, Cavies; John, Blue Devils; Eric, Blue Devils; Brady, Cavies
2nd row: Nick, Cavies; Yifan, Blue Devils; David, Cavies; Bryan, Blue Devils; John (me), Cavies; Eric, Blue Devils; Bradley, Cavies
3rd row: Tracey, Blue Devils; Mike, Madison; Sam, madison
Bottom row: Billy, Cavies; Jeff, Madison" Thanks John!
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