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The Cadets and The Cavaliers to Settle the Tie!

The Cadets and The Cavaliers to Settle the Tie!

by Drum Corps International

We considered arranging for George Hopkins and Jeff Fiedler, directors of the Cadets and Cavaliers respectively, to meet for a little mud wrestling, but...

We found an alternative...

For alas... Once in a while all of the stars align and indeed, we are able to provide to our fans and friends, an event that we think is something special; something no one has seen and perhaps no one will ever see again. WE are able to promote an event that is indeed a once in a lifetime experience. On Sunday evening June 17th, in Buffalo, NY. The Cadets and The Cavaliers will in one evening allow all of us in attendance to "remember the past" and "examine the future" as the two corps face-off at Dunn Tire Park Stadium, located in downtown Buffalo, just 20 miles from the site where perhaps, these same two corps (and a few others) will be vying for the World Championship come August 11th.

The Outcome —The Crowning of the Fantasy World Champion!

What will you see if you travel to Buffalo for this summer evening event?o Each Corps will perform their 2001 production not once — BUT TWICE!!!!!!.o One time — the fans will be the judgeo One time — the adjudicators will select the winnerThe Fantasy Champion — the Winner of both, or the corps with the highest combined score.o The Cadets and The Cavaliers to perform no less than3 selections with the corps combined.o Special non-competitive selections performed by each of the two corps.o Interviews with key staff and administration.o Special guest performances by two DCA champions:o The Syracuse Brigadierso The Empire Statesmen

Join with us as we settle the tie and open the 2001 season in grand style. We are sure to have some fun, we are sure to see some great early season performances, and — We make a promise...

This Time —There will be No Ties!!