As the month of September winds to a close the Cadets staff has been burning the e-mail and phone lines with discussions of the 2003 show. "The priorities to this point include continuing to create programs that engage the audience, and an interest in continuing an examination of the music of America. Indeed, the creative team has also discussed the history of the corps, and that perhaps, there is a way to bring all together for the coming season," according to the Cadets' Web site, virtual home of the Cadets. At this juncture, the one selection for 2003 that seems to be certain is Ron Nelson's "Rocky Point Holiday". The Cadets first brought the piece to the field in 1982, and with an eye to the 20th year anniversary of the Cadets first DCI Championship, indeed, Rocky Point seems like a natural. "If we play Rocky Point Holiday, and it is still an IF, it will be because the selection makes sense in terms of a full program. In 2003, we will continue to do all we can to have the fans on their feet throughout the show. Rocky Point can do that -- thus, it is a definite consideration," said Cadets director George Hopkins.Look for a program announcement sometime this month.