After their victorious performance (78.50) tonight in Louisville, Chris Weber and Chris Meisner, the Cavaliers' 2003 drum majors, both were pleased with the corps' performance. "We're always trying to max out our show – that's always our highest goal," said Meisner, a 21-year-old from Michigan City, Ind. Weber, 21, from Arlington Heights, Ill., said the corps will continue to "build (through the summer) based on what we've already established. We thought we did really well." Color guard sergeant Ryan Bronner, 21, of Mohawk, N.Y., said, "For a color guard standpoint, the performance tonight was very energetic, I felt a lot of connections between the other members on the field. I first got emotional because this is my first big show as an age out, but I think as a corps, we all start to have a lot of fun and we all try to accomplish what we need to accomplish." Bronner also elaborated on one portion of the show. "My favorite part of the show, I would have to say that it's the closer because at that point, there is just so much energy, you have done so much at that point, you just keep driving to the end and at that point, it's just adrenaline that is pumping you -- it's keeping you from being tired, it keeps you excited, this is amazing!" Here's the MP3 of the Cavaliers' encore performance this evening.