After finals, you probably all think that a corps director flies to Rio and drinks fruity concoctions with umbrellas sticking out. WRONG! Here, Jeff Fiedler, director of the 2002 world champion Cavaliers, sheds some light on what he's been up to since Aug. 10.I am the Marketing Director (development, recruitment, financial aid, communications) for a Catholic High School in the Chicago metropolitan area. Along with that position at my school, I am also the president of the Chicago Archdiocesan Recruiter's Association, which also keeps me busy, as well as a director on the local chamber of commerce in the school's neighborhood. I was back in school the Wednesday after Drum Corps International finals, and we started school the following Monday, Aug. 19.I am currently lining up my fall grammar school visits (more than 120 of them between Sept. 10 and Dec. 1), as well as school fairs and working on the disbursement of additional financial aid funds that became available recently at my school. I got away for the Friday and Saturday AFTER Drum Corps International finals, to De Soto, Wis., to a friend's house on a bluff overlooking one of the WIDEST parts of the Mississippi. Wonderful quiet, saw two bald eagles and a lot of falling stars, as well as one hell of a thunderstorm. It was great!Working on 2003 Cavaliers already too. Lining up camp dates, rehearsal sites, planning for Drum Corps International meetings (one next weekend and one in the middle of September), as well as helping the local marching band (Prospect High School in Illinois) two nights a week. Also, helping line up the two Cavalier-sponsored band contests we host in the state of Illinois: Sat, Sept. 14 at McKendree College in Lebanon, Ill., and a Northern Illinois University contest on Sat, Oct. 12. And I am Looking forward to the summer of 2003 - ALREADY!