From a Cavaliers press release: After more than a decade of premiering their programs in the Midwest, the Cavaliers are planning something a little different for their early-season schedule in 2007, intending to debut their 2007 show on Saturday, June 16, as part of the European Drum Corps League - an international group of drum corps - on a perfomance/competition tour starting in Frankfurt,

The Cavaliers plan to start the 2007 drum corps season in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Cavaliers intend to join with the top corps from six European nations, performing in drum corps competitions planned for Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The corps' tour will begin with arrival in Frankfurt on June 13, where they will rehearse until their first performance three days later. The Cavaliers are scheduled to travel to five western European countries,
perform seven times and participate in three clinics. The tour will conclude with the corps' return to the United States on July 2, following the European League championship on Saturday, June 30, in the Netherlands. Upon return, the Cavaliers would join the Drum Corps International tour on July 6, with their U.S.
debut scheduled for the Michigan City, Ind. event. Read more on