The Cavaliers
Drum Corps fans filled Illinois State University's Hancock Stadium last night as they watched nine corps take the field in competition at the DCI Central Illinois event in Normal. The Cavaliers (81.300) won this long-awaited 'clash of the titans' between the Bluecoats (80.200), and the Santa Clara Vanguard (79.750), showing that the music of Billy Joel sounds as good on the field as it does on a stereo. But as the season progresses and the scores rise, some corps members are realizing that competition isn't the only part of this activity that drives them for greatness. "Tonight performance was great because in terms of a musical approach, we managed to reach our audience in a way that we have never done before," said Joe Busuito, baritone player for The Cavaliers. "It feels great to have won the competition, but winning isn't something we're really thinking about. Being as good as we can be is what we're really going for right now." Also performing at last night's competition were the Colts (73.450), Glassmen (72.900), Spirit from JSU (69.050), Pacific Crest (68.150), Colt Cadets (55.570) and Memphis Sound (67.050). The Colts have been scoring very well this year with their show entitled 'Equinox', and they say the melodic music, the fans and each other, motivate them perform at their best.

"We are off to a great start this year. We've got lots of energy and an awesome show that's designed really well," says euphonium player for the Colts, Christian Hansen. "We're going out to each show and really performing our hearts out, trying to give a great show for the audience every night." As the 2007 Summer Music Games Tour continues to move forward toward the West Coast, another competition is crossed off the list, and another corps is crowned the night's winner. But as this nightly tradition continues throughout the summer, we should be reminded that the competitive aspect is only a small piece in the drum corps puzzle. Busuito says, "Being on top is nothing until you can actually perform your show at the absolute highest level, which we, and I'm sure all of the other corps, are still working toward."