They caused a stir in the souvie area. Tall men in wooden shoes or as they are known in the Netherlands – klompens. Co Streicher and Erik de Beer are cooks with Beatrix, a division II corps from Holland.

Co Streicher and Erik de Beer
Both are very excited about their corps touring the US again – Erik was here in Maryland 2000 and Co has been with them since their tour in 1990 and 1991. They got hooked when a corps member, taking cooking instruction from Co who was teaching part-time, asked if he'd be interested in touring with Beatrix. Co's been with them even when it didn't include an overseas tour. "And that means four days during training," Erik said. As most members know, a cook can make or break a tour. Erik pats Co on the shoulder, "He is loved like no one else." They nod, make their good-byes and head out to stake out a prime spot. Their corps is up and, with yellow klompens announcing their presence, they are enjoying what little time they can afford before heading back to the kitchen.