Becky Williams is from Colorado Springs, Colo. She has been with the Blue Knights since 1999, playing mellophone and baritone. She attends the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. "After five years, this is finally my age out!" Williams said. How does it feel to be a drum major for the Blue Knights?

Becky Williams
Williams: It is an extreme honor and privilege to be the first biracial female drum major in the history of the Blue Knights.^ Did you always strive to become a drum major? If not, when did you decide to become one, and why? Williams: After my first season of drum corps, having Andy Smart as a drum major, I realized that having a strong leader is necessary for a corps to run efficiently. That was the moment I decided that I wanted to be a drum major. I strive to provide a trusting, high-quality, and nurturing environment for the members to work in. In the winter, how do you prepare for the summer's drum major responsibilities? Williams: To prepare for the summer season, I stay in contact with all the members, making sure everyone is as excited for the upcoming season as I am. I also stay up to date with current news in the drum corps world. Not to mention practicing all the time. Besides the Blue Knights, what are some of your other interests? Williams: I work two jobs, one at Lens Crafters and the other at an optometrist's office, so I would say that optics is an interest. Also, I have a boyfriend who is currently serving our country in Iraq, so I keep very up to date with today's politics. How would you describe the leadership and management of the Blue Knights? Williams: Over the last few years, we have had some incredible staff changes. In fact, many of our staff were members of "Blast!" Mark Arnold, our corps director, won the Minori Yasui Volunteer Award this year. We're all very proud of our staff's accomplishments. How would you describe the Blue Knights members? Williams: The Blue Knight members are a very eclectic group of hardworking individuals. Their dedication for greatness constantly exceeds my expectations. How would you describe your own leadership style? Williams: I have taken all the influential leaders I have known and tried to take the best characteristics and base my approach off of them -- such as the importance of making sure everyone in the corps feels equally empowered. It's extremely vital that as a drum major, I have the respect of my peers so that they will follow my lead. During the winter, do you guys keep in close contact with each other? Williams: Yes, we find it very important in the summer to stay in close contact with each other of the winter season. What during the summer are you looking forward to the most? Williams: I am looking forward to working hard to achieve a flawless show. It is also very exciting to see the transformation of the younger members, who grow into strong and confident individuals. I am anticipating performing our 2003 show, which is very much in the Blue Knights' style of artistic, musical and creative excellence.