Name, hometown, corps, role: My name is Bob Beasley, I am from Danville, Va., and I am the drum major of Carolina Crown. Where do you go to school, and what extracurricular activities are you involved with there? I am in my first year at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg,
Va. I am also a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Bob Beasley
Give us your full drum corps/marching music background, and how each position prepared you for the leadership role you're in this summer.^ My drum corps/marching music career begin my freshmen year in high school at George Washington High School where I marched for four years. The first two years I marched trumpet and the last two I was the drum major. I then became a member of Carolina Crown in 2003 and I marched baritone. This is my second year with Carolina Crown. The last good book I read: I really can't remember the last good book I read. I read a lot for school, but I wouldn't say any of them are good. The last great film I saw: I love movies. The last great movie I saw in the theater was "The Passion of the Christ." Since then I have watched "Gladiator" and "Old School," and I can't say pick which one is better. Three CDs I'd want on a deserted island: Any CD from the Dave Matthews Band My favorite TV show: "The Family Guy" Favorite performers: The Dave Matthews Band How do you "blow off steam?" When I need to relax I just have to go off by myself and think a little bit. Why I march with the corps I am in: I decided to march Carolina Crown last year because it was one of the closest corps near me and I had watched the corps for a couple of years and thought it had a lot of potential for success. After marching a summer, I found out that Crown is not a corps, it's actually family. I couldn't imagine myself marching anywhere else. Was it always your goal to be in a leadership role? No How will you go about balancing the roles of leader and corpsmate? I think they are one in the same. I am a member of the corps, just a member with more responsibility than others. I think one of the best ways to be a leader is to lead by example. What has been your formative drum corps moment? Making finals last year, because of where we started the season and then achieving our goal. Best drum corps show ever: Star of Indiana, 1993 What are you most looking forward to about the summer? Performing Best thing about being a drum corps leader: The pride you have when your corps has accomplished a goal, and you know that you were involved in achieving that goal. Worst thing about being a drum corps leader: When I make a mistake, it is not just one mistake, it is multiplied by 134. It is hard knowing that I can't make a mistake, but it is apart of the responsibility you accept when taking on a leadership role During tour, the best part of the day is: I would say performing and dinner. I love to go and perform at shows, but the volunteers at Crown do a great job at preparing great food, so I can't pick one. During tour, the worst part of the day is: Getting out of the sleeping bag in the morning. Favorite drum corps personality and why: This is a hard question. We have a great staff at Crown, and not just because of their knowledge for the activity, but also they are all-around great people. I would have to say Matt Harloff or Andre Feagin. They are both exciting teachers. Whenever they are around they show a passion for the activity and to help us get better, but they also know how to have fun and laugh. I have a learned a lot from them both, this year especially. They are two great guys and that is why I have to say both of them. What do you want to be when your drum corps career is over? When I am done with drum corps and graduate from college, I want to go on to law school.