Name, hometown, corps: Matt Gibson, Newton, Iowa, Colts What is your role in the corps this summer? Drum major. (Within that role) I want to be a person that the corps members look up to and feel that they can come to with problems and questions. I want to make sure that everyone is putting forth their best effort, and most importantly, make sure everyone is enjoying themselves while on tour. Where do you go to school, and what extracurricular activities are you involved with there? I attend Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, and am on the wrestling team there.

Matt Gibson

Give us your full drum corps/marching music background, and how each position prepared you for the leadership role you're in this summer. I was in the Newton High School marching band and was a drum major my senior year. This past fall I was on staff for the Pride of the Dutchmen marching band here in Orange City. This will be my third year marching with the Colts: Baritone in 2002 and drum major in 2003. High school really got me excited about marching drum corps. I enjoyed being the drum major in high school and working as a staff member for a band put leadership in a new light for me. Obviously being the Colts' drum major last year has most prepared me. I am ready for all the mentally challenging tasks that will be on hand this time around. The last good book I read: "Jurassic Park," by Michael Crichton The last great film I saw: "Rounders." I've seen this movie hundreds of times, but I still can't stop watching it. Three CDs I'd want on a deserted island: Smashing Pumpkins' "Siamese Dream," Zwan's "Mary Star of the Sea," Incubus' "Make Yourself" My favorite TV show: "Seinfeld" or "Family Guy" Favorite performers: Billy Corgan -- he blows me away with his live performances, some of his song lyrics have changed the way I perceive life. Wynton Marsalis -- he put on a show at Iowa State (where I used to attend) and I spent the whole show in awe. QB Chiefs -- long story, but worth noting. How do you "blow off steam?" Keep it to myself usually. Or if I am comfortable enough with a person, I'll vent to them. Why I march with the corps I am in: I came to the Colts because they are close to home for me, plus I knew a lot of people associated with the organization. I have remained a Colt because of the everlasting memories and friendships that I have obtained while with the Colts, as well as how much I have grown as a person since joining the corps. Was it always your goal to be in a leadership role? The summer before my senior year of high school (the year I was drum major), I attended the Ankeny, Iowa, DCI show. I spent the entire night watching all of the drum majors for all the corps and began dreaming of one day being the drum major for a drum corps. How will you go about balancing the roles of leader and corpsmate? I will always be a leader. However, the roles of leadership change during rehearsal and when we're socializing. Off the field, I like to be someone that the members feel they can joke around with, but on the field I want to be someone who has the respect of every member out on the field. What has been your formative drum corps moment? The run of the show we did in rehearsal before semifinals in 2002. It was really special to me. We put our heart and soul into that performance and the only people who saw it were the staff and the parents of the members who had been supporting us the entire summer. I wouldn't have it any other way. Best drum corps show ever: 2001 Colts. Maybe not the "best" show, however it is the show that has impacted me the most. It was the show that made me stop wanting to march corps and actually go out and audition. What are you most looking forward to about the summer? Spending time with some the closest friends I have and accomplishing a demanding set of goals with them. Best thing about being a drum corps leader: Standing in front of a corps and getting to see the show every day. Worst thing about being a drum corps leader: Responsibility -- it can get frustrating trying to make everything run smoothly. During tour, the best part of the day is: Hanging out with the members. During tour, the worst part of the day is: Waking up in the morning. It can be really hard to get out of the sleeping bag. Favorite drum corps personality and why: My good friend Kayla, a baritone player for the Colts. She has a very unique sense of humor that will turn an awful day into a great day. What do you want to be when your drum corps career is over? Some sort of a computer programmer. I am interested in virtual reality.