Name, age, hometown: Desire?© Mason, 17, San Diego. What corps are you in and what is your role this summer? I march with Esperanza. My role this summer is one of the two color guard captains. Where I go to school what am I studying: I recently finished high school (2004), via home schooling w/ my parents. My plan is to attend cosmetology school when my schedule with drum corps and teaching color guard slows down a bit! There I will be working on hair and makeup, so maybe one day I may do it professionally.

Desire?© Mason
Give us your full marching music background. Esperanza, 2002 to present. What's your personal practice schedule like? My practice schedule personally consists of the time when I am with my color guard that I teach. I will occasionally do basics with them. It's always nice to keep up on things like basics. I have always tried to fit in five to 10 hours a week on weapons as well, to be as strong on those as I can. What does your ideal free day consist of? My free day would first be a good restaurant with my good buddies. Then definitely get a coffee and visit the city we we're in. I'll be taking a ton of pictures as well, because you never know when the place you're visiting will change! For example, last summer we had our free day in New Orleans and I know some of the shops and the little coffee shop we visited are probably no longer around. My favorite pig-out food: My favorite? Probably Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, and Pop Tarts! In the shower you can hear me sing: You will hear me sing whatever is on my mind. Most likely "A Whole New World." The last good book I read: "Lovely Bones," by Alice Sebold The last great film I saw: "Rent" Jobs I have/have had: The only job I have had so far is teaching color guard. I love it. It is something that I am passionate about and I feel it's the best way I can
give back to the activity. My favorite TV show: My favorite TV show is "What Not to Wear" and "Clean House." And probably any cooking show since I love to cook and eat! My favorite drum corps moment: My favorite drum corps moment has to be after every show, singing a goofy song on the bus. No matter how we did, we would sing this song, and everyone would laugh and join in. This has to be one of my favorite memories. What would you be doing next summer if you were not marching? It is hard to think about, but I think I would try and travel. And probably help out with my drum corps finals week and watch all of finals. Before I marched in the corps, I went along with my parents and helped with the cooking, so I will probably do that when I age out. How did you decide to be a member of your corps? I was already a member of the winter guard, Esperanza de Luz 'A.' I began marching when I was 10. My sister, Tiffany, began marching with the corps its very first year (she aged out this last summer and marched in the honor corps this past December. I wasn't 18, so couldn't go). After a few years, I was old enough to march. I auditioned and made it when I was 13, so I'll have a few years under my belt when I age out! What first attracted you to the drum corps activity? What first attracted me was when I found my performing arts association, Esperanza, was going to start up a drum corps. I was 11 years old and not quite old enough to march, but my sister was, and so she auditioned in '00. From then on I waited for the day I could audition to march! What advice would you give the young people who want to march? Stick with it, because it is hard, but it is very rewarding. It is something you will never forget! Good advice is to always remember sunscreen and drink water! Drum corps will make you a better person, and you'll learn that you can get through anything. Plus you make friends that you may not have otherwise met! My best friend, Dar, went to a high school in Bonita, Calif., and I would have never gotten to know her had it not been for drum corps! What I want to be when I "grow up": When I grow up, I would like to get into fashion design or cosmetology. I think that would be really exciting. I love to sew new things. And I love to see what hairstyles and makeup go with them! Right now, the main
things I sew are flags for different local color guards and, of course, lots of practice clothes! Favorite drum corps personality and why: Robbie Jacobson. He is our caption head for guard, and he's a huge part of making me the kind of performer I am today. He always strives to make us understand why and how to do something, and not just go through the motions. Thanks Robbie! Best drum corps show ever and why: Esperanza 2003, when we won Division II in Florida. It was something I'll never forget! The year is 2030. What does a drum corps show look like? In the year 2030, I hope drum corps will include a lot of the same traditions, but maybe with some added high-tech things that will be out in those years. Maybe by then there will be some crazy guard equipment, or different music styles, or maybe even different ways to play instruments. Who knows, but I am excited to find out what it will be. And I'll be able to watch my kids in it by then!