Name, age, hometown: Jonathan Kyle Turner, 16, Douglasville, Ga. What corps are you in and what is your role this summer? I am marching with Spirit of JSU. I am playing seconnd bass drum. Give us your full drum corps/marching music background. I've been marching drum corps for three years. In '03 I was a member of the inaugural season of Court of Honor. In '04 I marched with Memphis Sound. How did you decide to be a member of your corps? I just heard about all the wonderful experiences. I heard and knew some of the staff so it was easy to fit in.

Jonathan Turner
What first attracted you to the drum corps activity? I heard the '89 Cadets (Les Miserables) and as soon as I heard that I've been attached ever since. The musicality, hard work, and determination that come out of being in a drum corps is so high. I was just so impressed. What advice would you give to young people who want to march? I would tell the God's honest truth. It's not a joyride or a fun walk through the park. There are some days where you will want to break down and cry from the beatings, but you always have to know you can push through. Once you get to the very end of the summer and you get to the field listening to all the people screaming just for you. You will feel so excited/awesome you won't know what to do. You meet so many people also that you will never forget. The last good book I read: The last book I read was "Swimming Sweet Arrow." The last great film I saw: The last great film I saw was "Ray." Where I go to school and what I'm studying: I go to Hiram High. I want to be a music major. Jobs I have/have had: I am currently working at Chick-fil-a. Three albums I'd want on a deserted island: "Thrice," "Wicked" and the 2005 drum corps finals Division I CD. My favorite TV show: Favorite TV show is "Dragon Ball GT." (I rarely watch TV). Favorite performers: My favorite performers are SCV and the Cavaliers. How do you "blow off steam?" I either just beat the heck out of my drum pad, or I listen to some of my music that will calm me down. What has been your formative drum corps moment? The show in '04 in Indiana for Memphis Sound. Our bass line played the corps on. It was so exciting to be in front of all those people while the corps walked to our beat. I felt so important. Best drum corps show ever: Spirit of Atlanta 1980. What are you most looking forward to about the summer? Meeting a ton of new people. Best thing about being in a drum corps: You get close to so many people and you get a new family pretty much. You don't ever forget the people that you march with. Worst thing about being in a drum corps: Those long days when you get beaten, and beaten, and beaten (not literally) again to where you don't think you can take anymore. During tour, the best part of the day is: Getting ready for a show. During tour, the worst part of the day is: Cleaning up. What I want to be when I "grow up": I want to be a band director for a great school. And I would also like to come tech a line for a drum corps. Describe what you think a typical DCI show will look in 2015. It will be so amazing. So many new ideas on visuals, music, just everything. I believe it will either look totally different or somewhat the same. Feel free to add anything else you'd like. I just want everyone to know that I think drum corps has impacted my life so much. It has helped me to become a better person so that I can do good things. It has given me confidence and has made me a better teacher and learner. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone.