The interview: Joseph Musick (really, that's his name) of the Santa Clara Vanguard Name, age, hometown: Joseph Musick, 18, Denver. What corps are you in and what is your role this summer? I play trumpet for the Santa Clara Vanguard! Give us your full drum corps/marching music background. I am starting my third rookie year. I marched in the 2002 Blue Knights, the 2004 Crossmen and now the 2005 Santa Clara Vanguard!

Joseph Musick
How did you decide to be a member of your corps? I have always loved the SCV style and attitude. It just took me a few years to get to where I wanted to be. What first attracted you to the drum corps activity? My parents took me to the 1999 Drums Along the Rockies show in Denver and I have been hooked ever since. What advice would you give to young people who want to march? Just get out there and do it. It doesn't matter where you march, just get out and experience it for yourself. The last good book I read: "The Tao of Music" The last great film I saw: "Hitch" Where I go to school and what I'm studying: I am a freshman music education major at the University Of Colorado. Jobs I have/have had: I worked at a water park, and I taught a reading class at an elementary school. I have also assembled and disassembled cubicles in offices. Three CDs I'd want on a deserted island: Snoop Dogg, Mahler 5 and Modest Mouse My favorite TV show: Anything on Nickelodeon Favorite performers: Have to say Bobby Mcferrin, and New York Voices How do you "blow off steam?" I go sledding, but during the summer that doesn't really work out. What has been your formative drum corps moment? My formative moment was hearing Santa Clara Warm up in the lot before their show in 2000. Blew me away! Best drum corps show ever: Salem, Mass. With the Crossmen, our bus ran into our van which hit our equipment truck and crushed our golf cart and scaffolding. We were late to the show, we had a rushed warmup, but we had our best show ever, and the crowd really gave it up. What are you most looking forward to about the summer? Everything! But mostly Hard Work and that fabulous SCV food. Best thing about being in a drum corps: The friends, and the goosebumps after a show. Worst thing about being in a drum corps: Sweat in my eye. During tour, the best part of the day is: The run-through. Everything you've worked on comes together and it's a beautiful thing -- usually. During tour, the worst part of the day is: Field lining. Waking up earlier than everyone else just so I can accidentally spray paint my foot three times. Favorite drum corps personality and why: Ed Rousch, he has been a real hero. What I want to be when I "grow up": A band teacher! Describe what you think a typical DCI show will look in 2015. Tempos around 250, guard throwing 2x4s and charter planes. Hopefully no
singing, or saxophones. Feel free to add anything else you'd like. Quoting a friend, Jesse Minor: "Work like dogs, sweat like pigs -- march like gods!"