Name, hometown, corps: My name is Pepe Ochoa. I am from Las Cruces, N.M. and I am 21 years old. I am in my fourth season with the Cavaliers, performing with the color guard. What is your role in the corps this summer? For the 2004 season of the Cavaliers, I am the guard sergeant. Where do you go to school, and what extracurricular activities are you involved with there? I am currently in my senior year at New Mexico State University. I am the principal saxophone player in Symphonic Winds and jazz ensemble.

Pepe Ochoa
Give us your full drum corps/marching music background, and how each position prepared you for the leadership role you're in this summer. At Mayfield High School, I was drum major from my sophomore year on. While in this position, I learned how to be responsible for myself and the other members of the band. With this responsibility, I was I was able to make a large contribution to the success achieved by the members and the band.

The last great film I saw: The last great film that I enjoyed was "The Last Samurai." Three CDs I'd want on a deserted island: Incubus' "Morning View," The Rooneys, John Mayer' "Room for Squares" My favorite TV show: One of my favorite shows is "Smallville" Favorite performers: Harry Connick Jr; Mariah Carey; Ellen Idelson How do you "blow off steam?" Off season, I go to the gym, work out and run. During the season, I just have a moment to myself where I take a walk, where I can recollect my thoughts. Why I march with the corps I am in: The Cavaliers have always been a corps that pushes the envelope with innovation. Their class and standards stick out respectively among others. The staff and members that compose the corps are great human beings. Was it always be your goal to be in a leadership role? I would have never imagined being placed in this role. I am very excited to embark on this new challenge. How will you go about balancing the roles of leader and corpsmate? In the guard, I feel that each member shows respect for individuals that are put in leadership roles. Each member knows me as a fellow member who is always there for them. They have already shown great expression for my position in this leadership role. What has been your favorite drum corps moment? One of my most-favorite moments has been standing in front of that huge crowd on finals night in Madison, Wis., with my fellow Cavalier brothers. Best drum corps show ever: 2001-2903 Cavaliers. I have a deep respect for all of those shows. What are you most looking forward to about the summer? I am looking forward to a great summer that will embark upon some of the greatest times with friends. I will remember these moments for the rest of my life. Best thing about being a drum corps leader: Being chosen to be in this position and respected by my fellow brothers is one of the greatest feelings I could ever have. Worst thing about being a drum corps leader: I will always need to be able to lead by providing a great example. During tour, the best part of the day is: The best part of the day is sharing our performance with others. During tour, the worst part of the day is: Getting on that bus at night feeling so tired from everything that has transpired that day. Favorite drum corps personality and why: The guard members of the Cavaliers have the greatest personalities. No two are alike. Each member offers their own expression that allows for great positive vibes to be absorbed. What do you want to be when your drum corps career is over? When my drum corps career is over, I hope to be remembered as a great leader, performer, and most importantly friend. I then want to continue my involvement with music. I plan on attending graduate school pursuing a performance degree. I would greatly like to continue my involvement with the activity and teach.