Stuart Shulman
Stuart Shulman is a 19-year-old freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson. "I am originally from Las Vegas, but I have lived in Phoenix for nearly 13 years. I plan on earning my music education degree from the U of A and go on to teach at the high school level. I owe so much to my mother, Faye, and to my great friend Rob Doherty, for getting me involved with SCV," Shulman said. 2003 Santa Clara Vanguard drum major Luis Salda?±a was featured HERE last week. How does it feel to be a drum major for the Santa Clara Vanguard? Shulman: It's one of those experiences and privileges that you can't describe. I was completely shocked when I was given the position last year that I didn't really know what to do when the staff told me. It is truly a humbling experience. I am just glad to be doing what I can to best help the corps. Did you always strive to become a drum major? If not, when did you decide to
become one, and why? Shulman: My freshman year in high school I knew that I wanted to be a DM. There was just something about it that was incredibly appealing. I love being in a position to help other people and it is a great way to learn a lot about yourself and what you're really made of. I was honored with the position at Paradise Valley High School my senior year the season after my first year with SCV. My experience with SCV was a great help coming back to my high school as DM. In the winter, how do you prepare for the summer's drum major responsibilities? Shulman: First thing is learning the scores. Luis and I have been working and perfecting these since the December camp. The longer it gets to sit and soak in, the better. I live in Arizona and Luis is in Texas so we try to maximize our spare time at camps trying to work out our pattern and meeting with the various section leaders and staff to make sure things are moving smoothly and that the corps is on the right track. The main thing is setting the standard at the monthly camps so that we are better prepared when we move out. As a corps, we are also on a very regimented workout program and keeping up during the winter and spring is a vital component to our success throughout the season. How would you describe the drum major audition process? Shulman: The process at SCV is very unique. It is a weekend-long process that covers vocal commands, live and recorded conducting auditions, and multiple interviews with the caption heads and other staff. It is very difficult and the staff usually makes cuts halfway into the process. Only vets that marched the previous year can audition and even the previous drum major is required to reaudition. Besides the Santa Clara Vanguard, what are some of your other interests? Shulman: I am a freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson and am a music education major. I love hockey and want to try to get back into playing it someday. I enjoy just hanging out with my friends, traveling, spending time with my family, and playing my tuba. I am in the wind symphony and in a brass quintet at the U of A. How would you describe the leadership and management of the Santa Clara Vanguard? Shulman: The leadership of the corps is amazing this year. We have a solid group vets in every section that are doing a great job of running the corps. Everyone is very confident and motivated and it is a great thing for all of the members. The management and staff is great. The new additions that have been made are making a very strong impact all around. They expect the best from us and they are more than willing to work just as hard. How would you describe the Santa Clara Vanguard members? Shulman: The hardest working and most dedicated people that I have ever met. We have a real great group of members. I always find it amazing at how a group of people from all over can just come together and everyone seems to hit it off and work as a unit from day one. Our members are very strong and passionate about what they do and are willing to do anything to get it to the highest level. It is an amazing feeling to be able to work with such a talented and caring group of people. How would you describe your own leadership style? Shulman: I believe that I am the type that leads by example. I do what needs to be done and I expect the members to do their job. When something needs to be corrected, I will take care of it and make sure that everyone knows what happened. I think the best way to gain the respect from your fellow peers is to do your job to the fullest and let them know that you are 100 percent dedicated to it and them. If they know that you are, they will want to work with you, rather then against. During the winter, do you guys keep in close contact with each other? Shulman: Luis and I keep in good contact with each other during the spring months before tour. We regularly talk online since it is the most convenient and talk about various corps things and also just about what is going on in our lives. We have become great friends and have a great working relationship. What during the summer are you looking forward to the most? Shulman: I am looking forward to three things. The first is getting to know everyone in the corps. This is such an important part of the tour experience and is when we truly become a corps. Second, I am finally getting the opportunity to march with two of my very best friends; Brian, who I have known since second grade, and Brad, who was my section leader in high school. Lastly, finals night. The night when all of the blood, sweat, and tears of the season come together into the performance of our lives. Previous Aria interviews