This picture was submitted by Lucinda Burton.

The Burton family of Marshall, Wis., is shown here in Allentown, Pa., on Friday, Aug. 4. Back row: Terrance Burton (McHenry Viscounts 1971-72, Des Plaines Vanguard 1973, cymbals) has worked as a visual staff member for Pioneer since 2002. Lucinda Burton is the souvenir chairperson for the corps. Front row: Amanda Burton (Pioneer 2002-2005, soprano, 2005 horn sergeant) is currently also working as a visual staff member for Pioneer. Susan Burton (pioneer front ensemble 2002-2006, 2003-2006 section leader) is Pioneer's only five-year vet this year. Julia Burton (Phantom Legion, 1999, Phantom Regiment 2000-2003, mellophone) also is working for Pioneer this year as staff coordinator and as a visual staff member. This is the second year that the whole family has been on the road with Pioneer.

Thanks, Lucinda!