Andrew Bajorek, a 2004 member of the Cavaliers, sent in this one. "This photo was taken at the Rose Bowl while my buddy Justin 'Goat' 'Rudy' Heimbecker (left) and I (the other guy) when we were on the Tour of Champions with our respective drum corps. 'Goat' is a baritone player with the Cadets, and I am a baritone with the Cavaliers -- but the competition between our corps remains on the field. We live together with our other best friend, John Andelfinger, at IUP during the school months -- and believe me, the jokes go back and forth, but it's all in good fun. This next season is our ageout, and while our marching days may be coming to an end, our friendship will live on throughout our lives. Thank you Neely Murphy from the Cadets for snapping this photo for us!"

Thanks Andrew!
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