Matt Detch, who marched contra for the Bluecoats (2004 was his rookie season), e-mailed us this photo.

"This picture is of my favorite Bluecoat (for obvious reasons), Emily Vanston ("Em V"), and I after finals. Emily was a five-year vet and age-out this year. It being my rookie season, and it being Emily's fifth and last year, I was able to get away with a lot of things a rookie shouldn't have been able to get away with (great bus seat, good spot in the laundry line, etc.). "Emily was by far my best friend this summer. Unfortunately I won't be able to march with her again, so I won't have anyone to mooch off of, sing with on bus trips, and I'll also have no one to check my spelling (is it spelled akward or awkward?)." Thanks Matt!
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