Fans are drumming out the praises for the Lot DVD, which follows six world-class drum corps through their pre-show warmup routines, one week after its release. Steven Klintworth of Nashville said that he watched the DVD with his children, and they all enjoyed it. "Both my boys, who are percussionists, loved it. I also loved it, but I am not a percussionist myself," Klintworth said. The Tanner family of St. Louis purchased the Lot for similar reasons. "We got it for my son, Scott," said Bob Tanner, noting that his son is a drummer. "We don't have a lot of drum corps in the area. I thought it was realistic and entertaining at the same time," Tanner said. The Lot DVD is also a hit with non-DCI drummers. Alberto Gama, 35, who plays drums in a rock band in Los Angeles, said The Lot was "Perfect! The video quality and the sound quality is good, and the corps are excellent," Gama said. Jeff Fiedler, director of the Cavaliers, notes that the DVD displays the differences that each drum section takes in warming up. "The Lot gives the viewer an inside look at six world-class battery sections getting ready to go out and throw down! The contrast in approach is perhaps the most intriguing aspect, as you can see, there is more than one way to skin a cat!" Alex Day, a trumpet player at Northern Kentucky University in Erlanger, Ky., has a unique way of pairing up the Lot DVD with the 2005 DCI World Championships DVD. "I'd watch the drum line warm up then I'd watch the show. I enjoyed it! It showed me the part of drum corps that I haven't seen yet -- warming up." Day may get his share of warmups soon enough -- he's auditioning for Southwind this weekend. Drum lines on the yellow lines. From the diesel-fumed parking lot jungle, join six of Drum Corps International's premier battery percussion units as they prepare to step into the performance arena. Follow each group through their pre-show warmup routines, parking yourself right in the action as these smoking lines melt asphalt with a fury of fast hands and solid beats. The $49 DVD features the Bluecoats, the Cadets, Carolina Crown, the Cavaliers, Madison Scouts and Phantom Regiment.