From a Magic press release: As the result of a three-way partnership with King marching brass and the Florida Arts and Music Foundation, the Magic will perform with a horn line of all new King brass in 2005. "We're very excited to join the King family," said magic director James V. Newman. "This is an extraordinary act of generosity by the Florida Arts and Music Foundation," he added. "We wanted to 'shock and awe' our members with the new instruments," Newman explains, "so we've kept tight-lipped for months while we hammered out the details of this arrangement. Our members have no idea this was coming! It will be awesome to see their faces when we presented the brand new horns at this weekend's camp." The Magic fields 64 brass performers in 2005. The rich, velvety timbre of King brass adds a new dimension of sound quality and style to Key Poulan's original program, "A New Beginning." "A New Beginning," Newman explains, "was an appropriate change in title for this season's program. This new management, administration, staff and volunteers continue to build on the reconstruction begun when the corps returned to competition in 2002." "Our relationship with King and Florida Arts and Music Foundation makes it possible for us to continue to grow while at the same time work toward our financial goals," said Newman. The board of directors continues to grapple with reducing the debt load of previous seasons. In spite of the lackluster performance of the Magic Hall Bingo, the organization has incurred no new debt in the 2004 season. Newman adds, "The positive benefits of this collaboration are far reaching." Special thanks to Steve Alan of King for making this partnership possible. King, Florida Arts and Music Foundation and the Magic look forward to a long working relationship.