From a Magic press release: There could be no better way to celebrate The Magic's 15th Anniversary than with a program that embraces perhaps the most powerful of our human traits—the ability to imagine. The 2006 program will present an imagery of mind, heart and soul. John Lennon's haunting anthem of hope, "Imagine," serves as the framework for the four sections of the program: Joy, love, peace and hope. These sections may include the music of Los Angeles composer Eric Whitacre and the motion picture soundtrack of "Moulin Rouge." Although the show is still in the conceptual stage, the design team is very committed to its development. Brass arranger Donald Hill and percussion arrangers Lee Beddis and Kirk Gay, are on track to have music ready to perform at the December audition camp. Program administrator Ed Argenziano, has been working closely with the design team to create a great program with the priority on entertainment, Magic tradition, and challenging the performers. "The Magic has a long rich history as a successful Division I corps," says Argenziano. "As a result, our fans have certain expectations of a Magic program. We're not only going to meet those expectations, we're going to wow 'em! Each time the corps leaves the field, I want the members to feel proud that they were pushed to their limits." Argenziano is optimistic that the Magic will soon return to their elite status in DCI and will win the hearts of the drum corps audiences throughout the country. "The corps is on solid ground financially, has a good support infrastructure, some new equipment, a great staff and wonderfully talented members," he explains. "The 'chemistry' is definitely there -- all you have to do is believe!"