Kevin Shealy , a music education major at the University of South Carolina who marched euphonium for the Cadets in 2004 (and is doing the same in 2005), sent in this shot. "This picture has a lot of meaning and value to my life. Hieu, one of
the coolest Cadets ever, is on the left, and I'm on the right. The man
in the middle is the one-and-only -- THE MICHAEL CESARIO! Something
monumental happened on the first day of the Tour of Champions at the
Utah rehearsal. Here's how it went down. "All six corps gathered in the stands of the Utah stadium for a nice welcoming to the TOC and a quick morning meeting led by Michael Cesario. As he hollered an excited "GOOOOOD MORNING!" to all of us over a microphone, we all just grumbled and quietly said "Good mornin'" back. "He proceeded to encourage us to be more lively and awake and excited to begin the first day of the TOC. In response, the Cadets decided we'd start our infamous "YAY!" chant. Now, if you know anything about the 2004 edition of the Cadets, you probably know about our incredible amount of enthusiasm and obsessive desire to start fun chants, our favorite being the "YAY!" chant. "It goes a little something like this.... "YAY! ... YAY! ... YAY! ... YAY! ... YAY! ... etc." all while punching the air with alternating arms. "It truly is a remarkable sight. Anyway, Michael Cesario decided we were being a little too lively, awake, and excited, so he yelled into the microphone, "SHUT UP ... THE CADETS!" I became permanently attached to screaming "SHUT UP .. THE CADETS!" for the rest of the Tour of Champions, and still continue to randomly shout it today. "After being so amused by Michael Cesario uniquely stating "SHUT UP
.. THE CADETS!" that day, I just had to have my picture made with the
DCI idol. I finally ran into him in the parking lot of San Jose State University on the very last night before flying home. It made my
entire summer. Really, it made my life. "Note: In no way was The Michael Cesario brutally yelling at us, The
Cadets. It was all in good jest." Thanks Kevin!
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