This picture is from Junior Santiago, a 2006 member of the Glassmen color guard.

The 2006 Glassmen color guard searched high and low for a clear space in the streets of St. Quentin, France for dance class during the corps' European tour. It was a show day, and all the nice grassy spots we could rehearse on were being occupied. We finally came upon what looked like a poor neighborhood with children playing around. They didn't seem to have a care in the world.

After more searching, our dance instructor told us to put our equipment against a fence and to get in the middle of the road to form four lines for rehearsal.   There it was, in seconds we were performing segments of our show for the families of St. Quentin! The best part came next. We asked the families watching to join us, and we showed them routines. They where so excited to feel part of something so spectacular that some of us take for granted.

I don't think there was anyone on the team of performers who did not have a tear drip down their cheeks during the experience. This was definitely the most memorable moment of my life, and definitely the most rewarding.

Thanks, Junior!