Dan Greer, the Boston Crusaders board president, sent in this pic of an annual tradition. "This is a picture of the 5th Annual NAATD (National Association for the Advancement of Tenor Drummers) Dinner.

"Pictured left to right:

Adrian Valderrama – (04)
Michael Whitmore – (Tenors 02-04 DM – 05)
Brian Lange – (03-05)
Niel Burns – (05)
Girl on the TV (never marched)
Phil Kebles (05)
Dan Greer (87-90) - current board president
Dan Pitts (70-76) – current board member
Tom Bureau (00-03, DM 04)

"We really missed two of our tenor techs (Lee Hanse and Omar Carmenates) that couldn't be there." Thanks Dan!
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