Lisa Morgan, a former member of the Phantom Regiment, sent this picture.

My name is Lisa Morgan. I was a member of the Phantom Regiment baritone "Buick" line from 1998-2002. From left to right in this picture is me, Monica Simon (mellophone 1998-2002) and Liz Wielenberg (mellophone 1999-2003).

The three of us had a lot of great times together in drum corps and have since kept in close touch with each other after aging out. Not only did we spend multiple summers together on the field, but we have learned even more about who we really are in the "real world" after drum corps. It's neat to see how we all have different personalities and interests but still have the same love for drum corps.

We come from three different states, so we try to do our best to road trip a few times a year to catch up on new things as well as old memories. And we all agree that although the five years that we marched were tough, they were worth every minute of it and wish we could do it for five more years!

Thanks, Lisa!