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There's something about Allentown

There's something about Allentown

by Dan Potter

J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown, Pennsylvania is the longtime home to the DCI Eastern Classic.
With the arrival of fall, memories of the 2014 DCI Tour are starting to fade and the focus of drum corps fans is turning to next summer. Next week, in fact, tickets to one of the activity's longest running and most celebrated competitions, the DCI Eastern Classic, go on sale. In anticipation, we get a long delayed correspondence from Field Pass host Dan Potter about that very show. This time on DCI's Field Pass presented by Zildjian; Dan's annual "Postcard from Allentown." Download and listen. (MP3, 10:39, 10.2 MB) Have a Field Pass question, comment or request? Leave a message for Dan Potter by phone at 317.275.1212 x40 or by e-mail at fieldpass@dci.org. Subscribe to this podcast through iTunes. Become a fan of the Field Pass on Facebook. Visit Zildjian.com.

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