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These corps can use your help this summer

These corps can use your help this summer

by Drum Corps International

As drum corps get ready to hit the 2007 season head on with spring training rehearsal camps coming up at the end of May, corps administration teams are hard at work looking to find some last-minute dedicated individuals to fill support positions during the corps' 2007 summer tours. From driving, to cooking, to washing and mending uniforms, there are many ways that you can lend a helping hand to get the world's most elite and exclusive marching music ensembles down the road this summer. Below is a list of corps currently looking for help. Visit the corps information section on DCI.org for a complete list of all corps' contact information if you'd like to get involved. Corps: Boston Crusaders
Looking for: Van drivers, souvenir sales staff
More info: www.crusaders.com Corps: Blue Stars
Looking for: People to cook, sew and drive the corps' souvenir rig
More info: www.bluestars.org Corps: Bluecoats
Looking for: Van drivers, food volunteers
More info: www.bluecoats.com Corps: The Cadets
Looking for: Volunteers to help cook, clean, sew, drive, repair and maintain
More info: www.yea.org Corps: Capital Sound
Looking for: Drivers (truck and souvenir van), cooks and food crew, souvenir crew
More info: www.capsound.org Corps: Carolina Crown
Looking for: Bus drivers
More info: www.carolinacrown.org Corps: Colts
Looking for: Van driver, souvenir driver, bus driver
More info: www.colts.org Corps: Crossmen
Looking for: Food truck help, small vehicle drivers, uniform maintenance personnel, equipment maintenance
More info: www.yea.org Corps: Jester Corps
Looking for: Color guard and visual staff members, cook staff, truck driver
More info: www.jestercorps.org Corps: Mystikal
Looking for: Truck driver with commercial License, first aid, ways and means
More info: www.mystikal-corps.org Corps: Oregon Crusaders
Looking for: Visual caption head
More info: www.oregoncrusaders.org Corps: Pioneer
Looking for: cook staff, uniform maintenance, bus and truck drivers
More info: www.pioneer-corps.org Corps: Racine Scouts
Looking for: Truck drivers, meal prep specialists, brass staff member
More info: www.racinescouts.com Corps: Raiders
Looking for: CDL drivers
More info: www.raidersdbc.org Corps: Revolution
Looking for: Tour manager
More info: www.revolutionypa.org Corps: Southwind
Looking for: Non-CDL drivers, cook crew, uniform help
More info: www.southwind.org Corps: Spartans
Looking for: CDL-B and A drivers
More info: www.spartansdbc.org Corps: Spirit from JSU
Looking for: Truck drivers, equipment maintenance technicians, physical trainer
More info:
www.spiritdrumcorps.org Corps: Teal Sound
Looking for: Owner-operators or Class A CDL licensed drivers, souvenir sales
More info: www.tealsound.org Corps: Troopers
Looking for: Truck driver, bus driver, cook and uniform staff
More info: www.troopersdrumcorps.org

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