The 2005 Hall of Fame inductees shared a few thoughts immediately after the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Scott Chandler "This involves so many people over so many years and so many performers, it seems impossible to put into words what this really means to me. There's not enough time to thank everyone. To have people recognize what I've done over the years -- it's overwhelming to have them appreciate what I've done. I'm grateful to the activity and I'm grateful to the people." Tom Float "It's a great honor for me and for anyone I ever worked with, taught or marched with. I hope they enjoyed being with me as much as I enjoyed being with them. I'm very appreciative of DCI for giving me this recognition, and I hope I can represent DCI equally as well in the future. Thanks to all."
Stephanie Lynde "This feels like a culmination of so many years of history with the activity -- the names of the people I heard as I grew up are members of the Hall of Fame. I feel they are part of my family. It's truly humbling as these people are so passionate and creative. To be recognized by my peers is like being welcomed back to the fold, as I've been gone since 1989. It's overwhelming to feel their appreciation. I'm extremely fortunate to have been part of this activity." Donnie Van Doren "This is incredibly humbling for me, and I honestly believe that I'm here because of the efforts of so many others, particularly the staffs and the kids I've worked with. I'm grateful for the kids to have tolerated my madness and my being a taskmaster. When I consider the fellow members of the Hall of Fame, whom I admired most of my drum corps career, standing up there accepting this honor was something I never thought was possible." Barry Bell could not travel to Orlando due to recovering from recent heart surgery. He will be honored at the ceremony in 2006.