The following interview was conducted with the assistance of Peggy Brown, sister-in-law to Yohann Boscher, who is marching with the Madison Scouts this year. Peggy supplied the following text.

From left, Yvan, Yohann, and Stephane Boscher, with Stephane's wife, Peggy Brown.
"Yohann's two brothers, Stephane and Yvan, are professional musicians in the Garde Republicaine (French Army Cavalry Band), in which they play trumpet and French Horn. In 2000, they went to Canada to attend a military music festival, and met a Canadian girl who was also a musician. She was very fond of DCI. So, she told them about DCI and they became very interested in learning more about DCI. "They understand the activity was particularly an American art form, and they wanted to see it. They knew it was a top-level form of music. They decided to go and see DCI for themselves. They went to the DCI World Championships in Buffalo in 2001 and Madison in 2002. They were very much impressed with what they saw. "Their youngest brother, Yohann, is a student musician at a university. They went home and told him about drum corps and showed him photos and several DVDs of drum corps. They even showed him T-shirts they bought, as well as stickers and other drum corps stuff. He became very interested. "In 2003, Yohann decided he wanted to be a volunteer for a corps, because he didn't think he was good enough to be a trumpet player in a corps. He sent e-mails to several corps to propose his services as a volunteer. The corps asked him to send a tape of himself playing trumpet. That's what he did. "Three corps wrote back that they would accept him as a marching member. Yohann's favorite corps was Madison Scouts and he and Madison was one of the corps that offered him a position. So, he said yes. His brothers were already big Madison fans. "Yohann came to the United States in March for a four-day camp. He came back for a camp in April and another camp in May, after which he stayed for the summer. According to Yohann, "In France, we have no drum corps. My brothers and I have a dream to start a drum corps in our home, the Brittany region of France. "It's not easy because it's new. I've learned that when you work in drum corps, you work hard. I've never had to work so hard at something. The discipline is very good for me. "I have learned concentration. I have new muscles. I have learned much about music. I've learned about musical articulation from the Scouts. "I am here mostly for my brothers. They were never able to march in a corps. I would not be here without them, and so for them, I work hard and want to learn as much as possible. I want my brothers to be proud of me, as I am proud of them."