Only three days until THE Midwest Championships on July 11 and July 12 in Dekalb, Ill. Chris Hollenback, a Madison Scouts alum, remembers, "DeKalb was always fun because it was one of the first really big shows of the year. You're often used to performing in smaller venues on first tour. So to be on the starting line, in front of that huge crowd, with other top corps watching and an enthusiastic announcer, it was a phenomenal feeling. I remember the adrenaline pumping and the hair standing up on the back of my neck." And for those drum corps fans slaving away in downtown Chicago until later on Friday night, you can STILL see Division I corps in DeKalb that night -- the Kiwanis Kavaliers, Carolina Crown , Crossmen , The Cadets and Boston Crusaders don't step off until 10 p.m.