This picture is from Judy Arcala, a member of the Mandarins' support staff.

These three girls, (right to left) Mayako Oda, Etsuko Yamaguchi and Madoka Kawanaka are my "summer daughters." They stayed with me and Ed Seguinte as he and the three girls were members of Mandarins in 2005. They were my friends from Japan, and I was happy to invite them to my home.

After a little more than a month of daily "family" dinner, making sure they had all their things for shows, making sure their jugs were filled with water, etc., they started calling me "mama." I thought it was cute. As a sort of "have fun on tour" present, I bought them a couple of things from Sacramento State bookstore including these tops. I love them so much, and I am happy that they will be marching again this season with Mandarins, as Ed and I return as support staff members.

Thanks Judy!