This summer will mark the Atlanta Brass Classic's second year at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia, in the northwest suburbs of Atlanta. The beautiful, historic campus and its artificial turf field turned out to be a great fit both for the MHS band boosters and for Spirit. The Atlanta Brass Classic and "Spirit of America", on July 23, are both sponsored by Spirit's support organization, and are fun annual traditions for area Spirit of Atlanta alumni and drum corps fans alike. "This year's show lineup is so exciting," said tour event partner Carla Morris. "Fans will get to see the defending DCI champs, the Cavaliers, eight-time world champion Cadets, Boston Crusaders, Glassmen, and our southern-style favorites, Carolina Crown and Spirit! The show will get a great kickstart with an exhibition by the CorpsVets -- it'll be a real 'must-see' night of drum corps and one of the best lineups in the Southeast all summer. Oh, and just a tip for 'old-time' drum corps fans-- don't rush off before the finale, because it's definitely going to be a treat!" The show's reserved seats have turned into a veritable homecoming for the many Spirit of Atlanta alums who still live in the area, with plenty of hugs, handshakes and storytelling during breaks in the show-- and yes, the guy sitting next to you may well have been in the company front during "Let It Be Me"! "Y'all be sure to order your tickets tomorrow at 9 a.m. at or at 800.495.7469 x 3," Morris said, adding, "There's more info at the Spirit of Atlanta Alumni Web site."