Carolina Crown percussion caption head and arranger Brian Tinkel will lead a percussion camp at Mars Hill College (outside Asheville, N.C.) from June 12 through June 16. This four-day workshop is for high school and college students interested in furthering their skills and knowledge in percussion. The camp is designed to develop the mental and physical aspects of percussion performance through technique, reading and musicianship. Emphasis is placed on establishing a positive attitude, leadership skills, and a uniform playing style. Students will have the opportunity to learn in a group setting similar to what they experience in most marching band activities. For more information, go HERE. For further questions, contact Brian Tinkel, 828.689.1588 or . A team of respected percussion educators and clinicians will be offering master classes, including sessions on basic fundamentals such as stick or mallet selection, grip maintenance, tuning and posture.

Brian Tinkel
Other clinics on various stroke types and rudiments while emphasizing the importance of rebound control will be offered. Keyboard players will be instructed in two and four mallet techniques through performance of scales, basic exercises and standard literature.

Students will learn fundamentals with the aid of an exercise packet and corresponding assignments, which will serve as a great reference manual for individual practice and group instruction. Uniform sticking, dynamic control, use of various playing zones and sound production are just some of the skills emphasized. Proper rehearsal technique, use of the section leader, and a positive mental attitude are stressed. "I am very pleased to offer this percussion camp and look forward to working with you," Tinkel said. Staff for the percussion camp includes:

Brian Tinkel Tinkel is the percussion caption head and arranger for the Carolina Crown for the 2005 season and beyond. While being involved with drum corps for more than 15 years, his performance opportunities lead him to being a member of the Boston Crusaders and Star of Indiana. He went on to perform with the Star of Indiana's Brass Theater production, where he toured with the Canadian Brass and Nexus. Since devoting his time to teaching, Tinkel has been on the faculty of the Crossmen and the Glassmen, and has coordinated percussion activities with the Magic of Orlando and the Madison Scouts. Colin McNutt Colin McNutt has instructed the Star of Indiana and arranged for the Tony Award-winning stage production, "Blast!" He has written and instructed for the Crossmen and the Glassmen. He has also served on the faculty of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he received degrees in music education and the classics. Colin McNutt is currently the percussion director/arranger for the Madison Scouts. Jonathan Randall Randall's performance background in snare drum began with Star of Indiana's Brass Theater production, where he toured with the Canadian Brass and Nexus in 1995 and 1996. He later became a member of the Crossmen in 1998. Randall also played in the snare line at the University of Massachusetts from 1995 to 1998, where he received a degree in finance. Jonathan Boisjolie Boisjolie has been on staff with many DCI corps, including the Crossmen, Boston Crusaders, Glassmen and the Magic of Orlando. He currently instructs several high schools as well as the Heat Wave Orlando senior corps. Before teaching, Boisjolie performed with DCI's Boston Crusaders, Star of Indiana's Brass Theater and the Crossmen. Andy Smith

Andy Smith is a free-lance performer and educator based in Nashville. Smith is an adjunct percussion instructor at Middle Tennessee State University, and percussion coordinator for the MTSU Band of Blue, the 2001 and 2004 PASIC college drum line champions. Smith is also a percussion instructor for the John Overton High School band program, which has been successful as WGI and SCGC medalists. He has performed with the Star of Indiana, the Canadian Brass, and was a member of the percussion staff for the 1997 Crossmen.