From the Santa Clara Vanguard Web site: Reflections from Andrea Kile, 2002 – 2003 SCV trumpeter: "I was on a plane set out to California. All my friends were jealous of my weekend getaway to the sunny state of California one week before our spring break. Little did they realize I wasn't going to be chillin' at the beach with no responsibilities except for decreasing the amount of visible tan lines. Instead I was working my butt off, literally, from 6 p.m. Friday night until Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. with all the responsibilities in the world and receiving my first incredibly defined set of tan lines of the season. "My title for this weekend would be "To survive or not to survive." It was a weekend full of survival of the fittest and strongest of mind. Nothing makes you feel better than coming out of a Vanguard weekend full of endurance and you feel stonger than when you began. "This it the first weekend I got to experience one of our new visual staff members for the 2003 season -- Joey Keays. He's a man with more energy than several 14 years old girls at an NSYNC concert. He became our Socrates for the weekend, and I remember three of his many phrases -- "Wait longer. Move faster. Hit Harder." Also, "Shopping Mall" and "January." Each one, a short phrase, but each one, filled with importance, and I could tell wheels were turning in all the members' heads. "That was how Joey worked all weekend. Yes, he will even admit, he liked to talk. He had so much information he just wanted to get it all out. But there was never a moment he lost me. Every word that came out of his mouth had a meaning and a point for existence. He would to educate us and push us too our limits and then push just a little farther mentally and physically. He didn't want us to be OK with our boundaries, he wanted to ELIMINATE them. "I remember him telling us Saturday afternoon right after lunch we were going to have a lovely endurance drill. I could tell everyone knew we needed it, but we also knew it was going to be a boundary-pushing moment. I knew personally I wasn't going to give up, and he wasn't going to let me and neither were any other members of the corps. With that pushed out of the way I was able to focus on the fundamentals of the excerise. Now, I did not successfully complete perfectly the drill, but I made it through it, finished it out strong, and was still standing when I was done. The drill gave me confidence and a goal to shoot for next time I am asked to step up to another endurance moment. "I am so excited how far we went this March weekend, and how much I feel I accomplished by the time I got to my exhausting flight home. I am thrilled to have Joey Keays on the staff because he pushes us -- he doesn't let us give up. And he educates us and makes us think deeper and more thoroughly of our work. I can't wait for next camp where I know I can overcome my difficulties from this past camp and hopefully be ready for anything they throw at us in April."