Kevin Shealy, a member of the Cadets from 2004-2006, sent this picture.

The attached picture is from the Cadets' 2005 spring training at Camp Cayuga in Honesdale, Pa. Ensemble rehearsal was over, and we all went to the dining hall for dinner only to find out that we had no electricity.

The volunteers had prepared our entire dinner with limited generator power. They also had stopped by Walmart and picked up at least a hundred tea light candles to outline the serving line and all of the dining tables. It was definitely the only time I ever ate a candle-lit dinner on tour!

They also decided that since we were in the mountains at night with no power and couldn't see a thing outside or in our cabins, they would buy everyone glow sticks. Needless to say, we all took it as our cue to have fun. Baritone player Andrew Duncan and I started experimenting with the glow sticks and various, slow shutter speeds on my camera. Eventually, we created this awesome shot of the Garfield G. "For Holy Name Shall Always Be ... "

Thanks Kevin!