Drum corps fans racked up millions of video views online during the past calendar year. Take a look back at some of the most-watched video posts from the official Drum Corps International Facebook page.

5Look who caught the Drum Corpse Bride's bouquet
October 17, 2016: During the corps’ very first appearance as a World Class finalist, Academy members got the audience intimately involved with the theme of their “Drum Corpse Bride” production.

4Recap of Bluecoats' World Championship Finals win
August 16, 2016: From warm-up to taking home the corps’ very first DCI World Championship trophy, this video captured Bluecoats members and staff in the moment as they made history this past August in Indianapolis.


3The wink
August 12, 2016: A screaming Bluecoats trumpet solo punctuated with a wink. First seen by tens of thousands during the live broadcast of the DCI World Championship Prelims in movie theaters, it’s a moment that subsequently spread across the Internet.

2God speed David Bowie
January 11, 2016: 2016 has been a year unfortunately full of a number of notable celebrity deaths. In January, Carolina Crown’s 2014 vocal arrangement of “Space Oddity” became a fitting tribute to David Bowie after the loss of the iconic artist.


1In a world of pure imagination
August 30, 2016: Santa Clara Vanguard’s 2015 arrangement of “Pure Imagination,” from the soundtrack to the classic 1971 film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” helped mark the passing of acting legend Gene Wilder at the end of August.


Most popular 2016 videos on YouTube

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