Among the throngs of people who work behind the scenes to ensure a wonderful DCI show are Tour Event Partners, who work hard all year to promote drum corps shows. Tour Event Partners get together once per year to share valuable insight into putting on the best possible show. The Tour Event Partner Advisory Committee (TEPAC for short) is responsible for helping DCI in setting up this seminar. TEPAC also acts as an advisor to the Drum Corps International executive director on all matters pertaining to the scheduling and operations of tour events. All members of the advisory committee -- Beth Schindel (event partner for Toledo, Ohio), Bruce Brown (event partner for Cincinnati), John Noonan (event partner for DesPlaines, Ill., and Michigan City, Ind.), Doug Madar (event partner for Charlotte, N.C.) and Chuck Junek event partner for (Pascagoula, Miss.) and Claudette Wire (Rome, N.Y.) – are volunteers. 2003 is Wire's 25th year as an event partner (the Rome event for which she is a partner is called "Drums Along the Mohawk"), and she has served on TEPAC periodically since the late 1980s.    "While she is missing from the photo, it's likely she has had an indirect impact on how all shows have been run through the years," said DCI executive director Dan Acheson. Photo supplied by Bruce Brown