You've heard the all the hype about last August's Tour of Champions through California, but here's your chance to check out what really went down! The DVD features 5.1 studio recordings of the 2004 Blue Devils, the Cadets, the Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard, Madison Scouts and the Phantom Regiment. The recordings were captured in a special outdoor studio environment in San Jose, Calif. A collage of video and still photos plays across the screen as each corps performs. Check out this video to get an idea of what these special audio segments contain. Remember, this video doesn't give you a full idea of the mind-blowing aural experience you'll get on the DVD. Order the Tour of Champions DVD. The DVD also features the special, Earth-shattering, "en masse" performance of the six corps marching and playing as one huge, fantastic corps. Two words do this performance justice: 64 contras. Check out a video sample from the "en masse" performance. The DVD also features a behind-the-scenes special feature showing the dynamic aspects of what occurred in what was a special week of drum corps. Parts of the six historical video introduction features used during TOC performances to introduce each corps at each California are also included on here. Check out an example of these introductions, which were produced by Tom Blair. The corps actual field performances are not included on this DVD but can be found on the 2004 DCI World Championship DVDs.