It is just before the first non-competitive show in San Diego, CA. For the performers, it's a chance to enjoy the company of other corps, eat a little pizza, and sip non-carbonated beverage. Regardless that it's more laid back than head-to-head shows, keeping bubbles out of your system is still engrained in their regiment. At a stone table and bench are a group of 'kids'. They wear non-corps apparel and give no indication of their affiliation. "So which corps are you with?" They look at each other with a wink - you can tell it's a temptation to pull someone's leg. Laura Poling and Andrea Kilek, age-outs and 3rd year trumpets with Santa Clara Vanguard, start out. The two Vanguard trumpet ladies and three gentlemen from Madison Scouts are from Texas. The men are actually 17-year old rookie high schoolers in the Madison hornline - twins Stephen and Adam Chitta recruited from band to march euphonium and John Anderson on contra. The only non-Texan is mello Scout Pat Brady, also 17, from Nevada. He confirms that the average age of the Madison hornline is 19 years old. This post tour has them commiserating on '04 adventures. Adam talks about that time in Memphis during a clinic with over 100 people watching and back walking into puddle so deep, he took a dive. Two seconds later he was up but this time covered in mud. Funny in retrospect! Andrea recalls a 'fun' moment in Utah. "We got in that morning around 2 AM. The baris reset the clock and watches of three guys then woke them up saying they were late for rehearsal." Unquestioning they charged out, horn in hand. Outside, they ran into Cavies just arriving at the school and asked on of them what time it was. "Well, it's 3 AM - but that's probably Chicago time. "It took them a while to figure that out!" Andrea laughed. Another time zone story had SCV's drum major Stuart Shulman going through the antagonizing job of waking the corps up each morning. "We are housed with Phantom," said Laura, "so this morning we hear this "Good morning Santa Clara and Phantom Regiment!" in a loud voice. It's 9:30 AM...and wake up call is for 10:30. He had forgotten to reset his alarm!" Stuart survived, but Laura barely did. "We were rehearsing in Utah and drill spot #17, a Cavalier trumpet, was supposed to be next to me. I was told he was in a separate place and didn't get the wake-up call." #17 shows up but, not knowing the work, gives it his best shot. "So we have this horn angle change and it's a real mesh," she laughs, "and I smack right into him. His friends were giving him a hard time - "That girl from SCV took you out!" For all the ribbing, Laura and Andrea say their time with other corps is great. "We enjoy rehearsing with the Cavies. We've been teaching them the snaps and spins we do with the trumpet." And rehearsing with the right-footed Cadets? We've been told avoid looking at that!" they say.