Trailways, an affiliation of independent contractors, today announced a new partnership with Drum Corps International (DCI) – Marching Music's Major League. "DCI is pleased to formalize our partnership with Trailways in support of our popular new DrumLine Battle?„? program offering. Whether facing the grueling demands of the DCI Summer Tour or participating in a single DrumLine Battle event, the ability for our performers to have safe, reliable and quality transportation such as Trailways is absolutely imperative to ensuring their success," said Dan Acheson, Executive Director and CEO of Drum Corps International. "Our experience has been tremendous thus far with Trailways and we look forward to expanding our relationship in the years to come." "Our large network of bus companies makes Trailways the perfect transportation partner for drum corps and band leaders, musicians and performers who seek quality and safety for their bus trips," said Gale Ellsworth, President and CEO of the Trailways Corporation. Trailways is an international bus charter company founded in 1936. All USA Trailways stockholder companies are Department of Defense (DOD) safety-certified. The company offers service in 33 U.S. States and the District of Columbia, plus Canada, Holland and Germany. Currently, there are 78 independent Trailways companies in the network with more than 8,500 vehicles. DCI is the sanctioning body for the marching music ensembles for students worldwide. Through their annual Summer Tour and the more than 40 World Championships held in 17 North American cities, DCI provides entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-broadcasted events. Its new DrumLine Battle?„? program engages mixed marching percussion ensembles of all sizes in dynamic new face-to-face and virtual performance opportunities with other groups from around the world. "While many of our Trailways operators have worked with individual DCI ensembles in their respective states, we're now able to support DCI at its headquarters office with long-range transportation planning support," Ellsworth said. "The joint effort between DCI and Trailways will help promote the Trailways brand to the education segment and will better utilize our vast network of 78 operators as a part of DCI's overall transportation plan."

Pacific Crest's fleet of Trailways motor coaches at the 2012 DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown, Pa.
Several Trailways affiliated companies have provided transportation in the past for various DCI bus trips, including GottaGo Trailways of Texas; West Valley Trailways in California; Heartland Trailways in Missouri; Excursions Trailways in Indiana and Ohio, and Silver State Trailways in California and Nevada. Ellsworth said Thom Fox, Vice President with GottaGo Trailways based in Fort Worth, has been at the forefront with the effort to explore a partnership with DCI and Trailways. His goal is to simplify the charter bidding and communications process for DCI travel planners and to help win more business for other Trailways operators. "Thom's expertise will help Trailways continue to expand and enhance the relationship with Drum Corps International," she said. For example, Fox will lead a contingent of Trailways company owners and headquarters staff when they visit the DCI World Championship this August in Indianapolis to learn more about the drum corps activity, show their support, and discuss future marketing opportunities. Learn more about Trailways at About Trailways Founded in 1936, Trailways is comprised of independently owned and operated bus companies. All U.S.-based Trailways-affiliated bus companies are Department of Defense (DOD) safety-certified. Trailways charter service is offered throughout North America and in parts of Europe, offering a combined fleet of more than 8,500 transport vehicles.