Santa Clara Vanguard color guard captain, Samia Mooney, talks with's Christina Mavroudis about transitioning from the Division II Vanguard Cadet corps to the Division I Santa Clara Vanguard A-corps, and about how she is now enjoying her fourth season with the organization.

Samia Mooney
CM: Was it difficult to transition from the Cadet corps to the A-corps? SM: Yes, a little bit because I didn't know what to expect at the first audition camp I went to. It's always hard to go into a new place, not knowing many people and kind of having to fend for yourself. But once I got past those things, the transition was easy. CM: How did the Cadet corps prepare you for the A-corps? SM: The two groups are in the same organization so the corps change wasn't as large as going to a completely new place. Both corps do all the same exercises and use the same techniques that the A-corps does, so by the time you're ready move up, you are as best prepared as possible. CM: Are you involved in winter guard at all? SM: I didn't do any winter guard after high school, but I started with the Vanguard Independent World winter guard two years ago. The winter guard is another great way to prepare you to be in the A-Corps guard. Last year was our second year competing and we're getting stronger and looking to build. CM: How have your four years with the Santa Clara Vanguard been? SM: They've been great. My first year was the hardest and I honestly never thought that I would be doing this for as long I have. It's sometimes strange to look at where I am right now; the time has gone by so fast. CM: How are you enjoying the season so far? SM: This year is incredible and I love our show. Vanguard stays the same every year but it's always a little different at the same time. Different people and groups come each year and we all connect differently, but the corps always brings us together. CM: Tell me about some of the corps traditions that are present in the color guard's performance this year? SM: One tradition that the guard has kept for many years is that we circle up before each show and sing "If You Believe." We click our heels together three times and say "There's no place like Santa Clara." Then when we walk on the field before the show, we sing "You Are My Sunshine." CM: How do you feel when fans in the stands cheer for you and the corps? SM: It's a great feeling to know that there are so many people out there supporting us. There's always someone each year that screams "Take it home Santa Clara," and that lets us know that there's family up there.