A Troopers bus was involved in an accident early Monday, June 6 on Interstate 80 approximately 30 miles northeast of Omaha, Neb. According to Troopers Director Fred Morris, one of the corps' tour buses experienced a blow-out causing it to roll over an embankment and land on its left side. The bus was carrying 37 corps members. Everyone on the scene was identified as not critical, but have been dispersed to three different hospitals as a precaution. The corps is traveling this week on its way to Indiana for several early-season performances. Troopers reported around 1 p.m. ET Monday, Aug. 6 via their Facebook page: UPDATE: All kids and driver have been released from the hospitals and are being gathered by our other bus and being taken to housing site. We will be in contact when we get more information. KTWO News reported:
Troopers Director Fred Morris interviewed by K2 Radio Wyoming. TroopersDrumCorps.org