This summer DCI welcomes two corps returning to the field, Revolution (Division III), and the Cadets of New York City (Division III), and one brand new corps, the Regina Lions (Division II). Revolution is based in San Antonio, Texas. Corps director G.M. Kuzma said, "The 2005 season is a time for renewed connections with family, friends, alumni and sponsors who have stood by Revolution. I appreciate everyone's patience, support, and contributions both financially and through volunteer help." The Cadets of New York City is based in the Bronx. New corps Director Tyrone Brown said, "The corps has made some significant organizational changes, and we're very excited about our new administrative and instructional leadership. Being approved to return to the DCI Division II & III competitive scene is the perfect culmination to an exciting winter for us." The Regina Lions are based in Regina, Sk., Canada. Corps director Michael Alstad said, "We are very excited to join DCI. This is the next step in the evolution of our marching program and our corps members are anxious to take part in their first DCI tour this summer. We have been considering this move for the past few years but decided that now was the time to take this step. All of our staff has DCI experience and we feel very fortunate to be working with Key Poulan, Ron Hardin and Richard Schultz in putting our first show together. Of course the logistical challenge of planning the tour is a bit daunting but we plan to be going full bore when we come out in July." DCI's show and corps administrator Sue Kuehnhold said, "It is fantastic how Revolution and Cadets of New York City have been able to work through their restructuring in order to participate in tour this season. As well, Regina Lions have a long history of excellence in the band arena. We are very excited that they have added a drum corps arm to their organization and look forward to seeing them on the field this summer."