From the Cadets' Web site: Cadets motivated, prepared as they move into Spring Training More than 30 sets of the Cadets' opener have been put on the field and narration continues to be tested and fused into the program as the creative and production phase of "This I Believe" took huge strides during the corps' last rehearsal camp of the season, April 27-29. The Cadets met at Penns Grove High School in Southern New Jersey, just two weeks after their first April camp, with the members discovering more about themselves and all this "return to tradition" show has to offer. The weekend included music rehearsals on all three program pieces, plus other encore and parade tunes. Narration was tweaked in the opener "Symphonic Movement" and introduced into the corps'; second selection, "Blue Shades." The Cadets also took the field Sunday, learning up to two minutes of drill by Designer Jeff Sacktig. Read more on