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University of Delaware's drum corps digs

University of Delaware's drum corps digs

by Drum Corps International

Chris Leone, a 2006 member of the Cavaliers, sent this picture.

This picture was taken at a Friday night drum line sectional at the University of Delaware. It was one of our last rehearsals so we wanted to get everyone together in our respective corps jackets before the football season ended. As you can see, Drum Corps International (with a touch of DCA) is well represented here between UD marching band staff and members.

From left to right:

Jim Ancona – The Cadets, 1989-90

Chris Lennox – Jersey Surf, 2002-2003; Crossmen, 2004-2005; Phantom Regiment, 2006 modeling Jerede Brown's Star of Indiana jacket while his Phantom Regiment jacket is in the shop

Chris Leone (me) – The Cavaliers, 2006

Jerede Brown – The Cadets, 1987-1991; Star of Indiana, 1993

Ed Brainard – Madison Scouts, 2006

Chris Lunsford – The Cadets, 1999-2000

Dan Twiford – Reading Buccaneers, 2004-2006

Wayne Gibson – Jersey Surf, 2002-2003; Bluecoats, 2006

Not pictured:

Chris Russell – Crossmen, 2002-2004

Justin Sammis – Jersey Surf, 1997-1998; Crossmen 2001-2002

That combined experience accounts for seven World Championship rings, eight high drum awards and a total of 30 seasons of drum corps!

Thanks, Chris!

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