From a Color Guard Netherlands press release: The Color Guard Nederland (CGN) individual and ensemble competition for brass, percussion and color guard will be held on Oct. 9 in Huizen, the Netherlands, and will include participants from The Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Organizers say it will be the largest individual and ensemble event on the European mainland in years. "It is beyond expectations", said Peter Jan de Werk, CGN secretary and public relations person. "We started in 2001 with a small contest just for color guard, and added percussion in 2003, since we relaunched our Indoor Percussion Circuit. Now the time seamed ready to add the whole thing. With mixed ensembles and brass in place, the power of the event seems to have hit the kids here." Another addition to the competition roster will be the "audiovisual ensemble," a unique new medium. Groups can use the floor for a maximum of 12 musicians and "visual" people. These people can be brass and percussion marching ensembles, color guard and brass ensembles, color guard and percussion ensembles or other mixed groups. "This is sort of a pilot in 2004 and we will see what the outcome is, so we can expand this in the near future," de Werk said. For more information go to, now available in English and Dutch.