Rick Valenzuela, director of the Santa Clara Vanguard, took a few minutes to explain how SCV staffers came to the decision to create their 2005 show, "Russia: Revolution-Evolution 1917-1991." "I've always said that if the Red Sox ever win the World Series, we'd play Russian Christmas Music again. Well, what do you know. Just wait until the Sacramento Kings win a title! Just kidding of course!" Valenzuela said. "We started with a theme -- Russian -- and out of that came our desire to find some music to fit our concept of Russia's - Revolution/Evolution. We went through a lot of music to fit the bill. Of course, we're all familiar with Russian Christmas Music, and when that came up, it fit perfectly within our Russian theme," Valenzuela said. "Shostakovich's Symphony No. 12 "The Year 1917" will present the first part of our show and the revolution that took place, in the year, as the title states -- 1917. Reed's Russian Christmas Music will go on to depict the modern Russia through its evolution, as we see it. Both pieces of music are a perfect match for SCV's style and new look for 2005. This year, SCV will take a look into the past, but more importantly into the future," Valenzuela said. Read more.